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At NetResult, we offer many repair and servicing options for your technology, whether it’s big or small. All work is carried out by our expert Microsoft certified engineers, with a turnaround of on average, less than a week. If you’re unsure of what’s wrong with your PC, we offer a diagnostic service, after which our team will advise you of the work that needs to be done, and/or which parts are required to get it up and running again. We also take into account the age of the equipment to let you know if it’s a viable option to fix it or not. NetResult can often extend the lifetime of some older hardware, but if your technology is perhaps  ‘getting on a bit’, we’d be more than pleased to give you advice on cost effective improvements.

Diagnostic Service

Diagnostic investigation to determine the issue of your device, we also determine if it is financially viable to carry out the repair.

Component Fitting

We fit Hard Drives, Memory, Graphics Cards and Optical Drives, Card Readers etc.

Health Check

We operate checks on hard drives and memory, clean disks and unwanted files, update critical files and service packs, fix basic operating system errors and remove dust from inside the PC/laptop.

Removal of Viruses

We remove viruses, rootkits, bundleware and malware related programs. If your device is too infected to clean, we will re-install the operating system for a fresh start.

Transfer your data

NetResult with transfer your files from any working PC or laptop onto a safe external storage device or a different PC or laptop.

Operation System Installation

If you require a new operating system, we will install it for you on as many devices as you need.

Broken Screen Replacement

Send us a clear picture of your device with as much information as possible on how it became broken, and device model name. We will then send you a FREE quotation on replacing your broken screen.


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